2017-18 ROSTER


Christian A. - School Musical; Pianist; Graphic Designer

Matt A. - Tech Student; Works on Engines; Stage Crew

Leo B. - Swimmer; Drive Team - Operator; Hardware Sub-Team Lead

Jake B. - Swimmer;  Fortnite; Snowboard

Liam B. - Percussionist; Cross Country/Track; Can Ride A Unicycle

James B. - FBLA; Finance Club; Skier

Eliot C. - Longboards; Academic Team; Won a Mountain Bike Race

Michael C. - FBLA President; Planned a Trip to NYSE; Plays Online Poker

Maya D. - Photographer; Owns An Online Business; Earth Club

Victor D. - Boy Scout; Drummer; Altar Server in Church; Drive Team - Driver

Juan G. - Homecoming King; Community Volunteer; Viola

Rónán G. - USA Club & High School Swimmer; Track; Lifeguard; Drive Team - Human Player; Animation Sub-Team Lead

Molly H. - Tennis; Violin; Started SWE Club; Marketing Sub-Team Lead

Connor H. - FBLA; Baseball; Works at Amusement Park

Luke J. - Marching Band; Academic Team; Frisbee Club

Cedric J. - Lacrosse; Fortnite; Mini-Thon

Nathan J. - Rock Climber; Baratone Saxophone; Marching Band

Brinda K. - NHS; Violin; Sings in Church Choir; Team Officer - Secretary

Rio K. - Clarinet God; Track; Plays Ultimate Frisbee

Hayden K. - Tennis; Scouts; Rock Climbing

Olivia M - Track; Marching Band; Plays Bass Guitar

Luke N. - Flute; Soccer; Tennis

Ariatna O. - Music; Drawing; Mock Trial

Everardo O. - Owns the most reasonable car ever (Honda Civic 2002); Rainbow Six Seige; Dunkin Donuts

Colin P. - Soccer; Band; Fortnite

Sarah P. - Girl Scout; Musician; Lifeguard; Drive Team - Technician; Team Officer - Vice-President; Chassis Sub-Team Lead

Jacob R. - Swimmer; Track; Martial Arts

Jennifer R. - Swimmer; Martial Arts; Gymnastics

Jordan R. - Dog Trainer; Drawing; Video Gamer; CAD Sub-Team Lead

Abisai R. - Band; Soccer; Avid Reader

Alex S. - Rock Climber; Rides Bikes; Hunter

Katie S. - Art; Soccer; Girl Scout; Drive Team - Coach; Programming Sub-Team Lead; Team Officer - President

Harrison S. - Gamer; Plays Kazoo; Likes Drawing

Jake T. - Guitar: Cycling; Competitive Skiing

Jacob T.  - Gamer; Lacrosse; Guitar Player

Oliver T. - Programmer; Plays Guitar; Coffee Addict


Mike Appleby - 1 Year

Nadine Arens - 1 Year

Wes Bowers - 2 Years - Family Promise Board Member; Sailor; President of Philly Dahlia Society

Toby Chu - 1 Year

Dan Folmar, Lead Mentor / Teacher Advisor - 7 Years

Christina Gorman - 5 Years - Artist; Community Volunteer; Mom

Brian Lucas - 7 Years

Dom Perna, Lead Mentor - 6 Years - Boyfriend; Father; Brother

Chris Schuetz - 3 Years - Father; Technology Business Owner; Professional Juggler

Mike Stankiewicz - 2 Years

Ernie Wilson (Team Alum Class of 2016) - 2 Years - Gamer; Software Developer; Meteorology