This Year

This season the team has worked together to develop a comprehensive strategy for this year's game, FIRST STEAMWORKS. A large amount of time has been devoted to developing our sub-teams and goals, so that everyone plays a part in our team's success. "D6 - The STEAMONATOR" is our robot for the season and our 2017 goal is to advance to the Regional District Championships again, and for the first time ever, to also compete at the FIRST National Championship in St. Louis. Last year, we spent $15,000 for registration fees and supplies - all of it raised from corporate sponsorship, educational associations, and local businesses and individuals. The team has already spent $5,000 for registration fees for the 2017 season and estimates that we will need another $7,000 to cover remaining costs for the regular season and another $10,000 to attend the Regional and National Championships if our team is selected to participate. Anticipated costs include registration fees, parts for building prototypes, parts for building the robot, tools, construction of a playing field to test prototypes, team shirts, and travel expenses.

MARCH 10-12th WESTTOWN MAR DISTRICT COMPETITION - Finished in 1st place after qualification matches, 11 Wins - 1 Loss.  As 1st Place Alliance Team Captains we moved onto the Elimination Rounds, winning our Semifinal Matches and our Quarter Final Matches.  In the finals, we won the first match, then narrowly lost the last two to finish in 2nd place for the competition.  (A first for the team.)

Awarded the "Industrial Design Award" sponsored by General Motors "Celebrates form and function in an efficiently designed machine that effectively addresses the game challenge."  (A first for the team.)

MARCH 17-19th SPRINGSIDE-CHESTNUT HILL MAR DISTRICT COMPETITION - Finished in 3rd place after qualification matches, 9 Wins - 3 Losses.  As 3rd Place Alliance Team Captains we moved onto the Elimination Rounds, winning all of our Semifinal Matches and our Quarter Final Matches.  In the finals, we closely lost the first match, then we won the last two making us WINNERS of the event!  (A first for the team.)

APRIL 12-15th MID-ATLANTIC REGIONAL DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS HELD AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY - We are entering the event ranked 4th out of 120 teams in the Mid-Atlantic region, the highest our team has been seeded in our 6-year history!

April 26-29th FIRST'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, ST. LOUIS - We hope to be there this year!

History of Team 4342

(in process of being updated, results and details being added)

Demon Robotics is a non-profit organization. All club officers and team members are students of Kennett High School.  Membership has more than doubled since 2011 and we now have more than 40 students participating along with seven adult mentors.

In 2011, Demon Robotics Team was founded as a new club at Kennett High School. Demon Robotics participated first participated in the regional competition of 2012 as part of the nations FIRST organization.

In their first competition season, the team built a 100 lb robot named "Demonator" that played basketball with robots from more than 90 other teams in the Mid-Atlantic region.  "Demonator" won a Rookie All Star award and placed second at a regional competition.  The team did well enough to place in the top half of almost 100 teams and advanced to the Mid-Atlantic Regional District Championship at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia. In the 2013 competition season, the team built a robot named "D2" that shot discs (frisbees) into goals and it also climbed a playground-like A-frame.  Once again the team finished in the top third of the teams and advanced to the Mid Atlantic Regional Championship at Lehigh University in April. 2014 "D3" competed in Aerial Assist. 2015 Recycle Rush was the game and "D4" was built for the competitions. In 2016 "D5" was built and competed in FIRST Stronghold where we competed strongly at our two regional competitions and qualified for the MAR District Championships at Lehigh University.

Team Growth

Annual Team Composition

2016 - 2017 Team Composition:

25 Student Members & 13 Adult Mentors


42 Student Members & 11 Adult Mentors


34 Student Members & 9 Adult Mentors

2013 - 2014 TEAM COMPOSITION: 

28 Student Members & 8 Adult Mentors

2012 - 2013 TEAM COMPOSITION: 

30 Student Members & 7 Adult Mentors

2011 - 2012 Team Composition: 

13 Student Members & 6 Adult Mentors


Demon Robotics Annual Budget:


$5000 - Registration for District Competitions, Initial Kit of Parts,FIRST Team Support

$3500 - Additional Parts, Tools & Shop Materials

$500 - Practice Field Components

$500 - Post‐season events

$1500 - T‐shirts & Marketing Materials


$5000 - District Championships (Lehigh University) - Qualification Required

$5000  - World Championships (St. Louis) - Qualification Required

Upcoming events

Stop build date 

February 21, 11:59 pm

Westtown event

March 10 - 12


March 17 - 19


April 5 - 8


April 26 - 29