Team 4342


Team 4342


This past season, the team worked together develop our comprehensive robot and strategy for the game, FIRST POWER UP. Our team’s success centered on a cohesive, communicative, and consistent team. We set out with the goal to make it to Detroit and compete for the second year at Worlds, and we achieved it! POWER UP offered unique challenges to the team to work around. We chose to take on Swerve Drive in 2018, dubbing out robot “Sexy Swerve” as well as “D7”. Our team rallied around each other in moments of happiness and defeat, and we all truly became a family. Our season was exciting, with many triumphs, awards, and special moments.

MARCH 9-11th WESTTOWN MAR DISTRICT COMPETITION - Finished 4th place after qualification matches, 9 Wins - 3 Loss. Moved from alliance #4 captain to alliance #1 for Elimination Rounds, winning two out of three Quarter Final Matches and ultimately losing both Semifinal Matches.

Awarded the “Judges Award” for a unique approach to competition. We produced our own PCB boards and handed them out to all teams at competition, being sure to make and secure new connections! (A first for the team)

MARCH 16-18th SPRINGSIDE CHESTNUT HILL ACADEMY COMPETITION - Finished 9th after qualification matches, 7 Wins - 5 Loss. We joined Alliance #5 for the Elimination Rounds, winning two out of three Quarter Final Matches, and ultimately losing both Semifinal Matches.

Awarded the “Industrial Design Award” Sponsored by General Motors “"Celebrates form and function in an efficiently designed machine that effectively addresses the game challenge." (The second year in a row for this award)

Two students, Molly Hohner and Ronan Gorman, were nominated to be Dean’s List Semi-Finalists at this competition. Both had great interviews and were celebrated by the team. Molly went on to be named a Semi-finalist at the District Championships and interview there.

APRIL 4-7th MID-ATLANTIC DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP HELD AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY - We entered the event with two awards under our belt, and a fire to perform well! We finished the Qualification Matches ranked 24th with 5 Wins - 7 Loss. We were the first choice for the #5 Alliance for Elimination Rounds, and while we lost both matches we earned enough points over the season to QUALIFY FOR THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Our overall rank for the Mid-Atlantic Region Ended at 16 out of 120 teams!

APRIL 25-28th FIRST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, DETROIT - For the second year in a row, DEMON ROBOTICS WENT TO WORLDS! We were slightly more prepared than the year before, but the short notice kept us on our toes with planning! Our robot “D7” was shipped to Detroit and the team followed in caraVAN form - luggage trailer towed and SIX minivans (7 vehicles total) carrying 28 students, 8 mentors, and 8 additional involved parents! The drive out consisted of car bonding and good music, 9 hours is a lot of quality time in a car! Competition was fierce and we competed at the same level we did all season.  Although we did not make it to the finals, the team enjoyed watching matches as much as they did competing in them.  While our match play at Worlds was not what we wanted, we had such an amazing experience meeting other teams from around the world. Our record of 1 Win - 9 Loss was not what we knew in our hearts, that was ALL WINS FOR SUCH A GREAT EXPERIENCE! We met people from all over the world from different FRC teams, we attended workshops and listened to inspiring speakers.  Students were able to visit with many representatives from Universities that offer scholarships to FIRST students and speak with representatives from businesses from around the globe that are looking to hire FIRST alumni.  There was a Robo-Prom for students to attend one evening since students missed their school's Prom. We had many once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and the team grew even closer as a family, something we are so proud of. This will be a trip, a competition, an event they will never forget... AND now that we have experienced it, WE WANT TO GO BACK!

History of Team 4342

(in process of being updated, results and details being added)

Demon Robotics is a non-profit organization. All club officers and team members are students of Kennett High School.  Membership has more than doubled since 2011 and we now have more than 40 students participating along with seven adult mentors.

In 2011, Demon Robotics Team was founded as a new club at Kennett High School. Demon Robotics participated first participated in the regional competition of 2012 as part of the nations FIRST organization.

In their first competition season, the team built a 100 lb robot named "Demonator" that played basketball with robots from more than 90 other teams in the Mid-Atlantic region.  "Demonator" won a Rookie All Star award and placed second at a regional competition.  The team did well enough to place in the top half of almost 100 teams and advanced to the Mid-Atlantic Regional District Championship at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia. In the 2013 competition season, the team built a robot named "D2" that shot discs (frisbees) into goals and it also climbed a playground-like A-frame.  Once again the team finished in the top third of the teams and advanced to the Mid Atlantic Regional Championship at Lehigh University in April. 2014 "D3" competed in Aerial Assist. 2015 Recycle Rush was the game and "D4" was built for the competitions. In 2016 "D5" was built and competed in FIRST Stronghold where we competed strongly at our two regional competitions and qualified for the MAR District Championships at Lehigh University. 2017 was a groundbreaking year for the team, it was our first year going to Worlds. “D7” was able to place gears with ease, and Sarah, our pilot, was the best on the field. The team grew even closer and really became a family. 2018 was a continuation of 2017, we grew closer and accomplished more. We achieved working with a swerve drive for the first time, and won awards at both of our district competitions. Worlds in Detroit saw Demon Robotics descend upon the Motor City, and have the best time of our lives!

Team Growth

Annual Team Composition

2018 - 2019 Team Composition:

50 Student Members & 12 Adult Mentors


36 Student Members & 11 Adult Mentors

2016 - 2017 Team Composition:

25 Student Members & 13 Adult Mentors


42 Student Members & 11 Adult Mentors


34 Student Members & 9 Adult Mentors

2013 - 2014 TEAM COMPOSITION: 

28 Student Members & 8 Adult Mentors

2012 - 2013 TEAM COMPOSITION: 

30 Student Members & 7 Adult Mentors

2011 - 2012 Team Composition: 

13 Student Members & 6 Adult Mentors


Demon Robotics Annual Budget:


$5000 - Registration for District Competitions, Initial Kit of Parts,FIRST Team Support

$3500 - Additional Parts, Tools & Shop Materials

$500 - Practice Field Components

$500 - Post‐season events

$1500 - T‐shirts & Marketing Materials


$5000 - District Championships (Lehigh University) - Qualification Required

$5000  - World Championships (Detroit) - Qualification Required

Upcoming events 2019

Stop build date 

February 19, 11:59 pm

Westtown event

March 8 - 10


March 15 - 17


April 3 - 6

FRC Robotics World CHAMPIONSHIP in detroit

April 24 - 27




2018-19 ROSTER


Luke Bolten - 9th Grade

Curie Cha - 9th Grade

Jeremy Chernin - 9th Grade; Runner; Coder

Jesse Comanda - 9th Grade; Runner; Plays Ultimate Frisbee

Aidan Crecco - 9th Grade; Plays Tennis and Video Games

Carter Elliot - 9th Grade; Swimmer; KTV Broadcaster; Plays Ultimate Frisbee

Lainee Foster - 9th Grade; KTV Broadcaster; Member of Mock Trial and Earth Club

Nicholas Gonzalez - 9th Grade; Member of Kennett Marching Band; Plays Ultimate Frisbee

Jake Hohner - 9th Grade; Plays Tennis and with his dog

Savannah Jeffery - 9th Grade; Swimmer; Pianist

Mattias King - 9th Grade; Member of Kennett Marching Band; Plays Ultimate Frisbee

Jeffrey Kjelstrom - 9th Grade; Runner; Coder

Ethan Lai - 9th Grade

Tiffany Lee - 9th Grade

Quinn Lindsey - 9th Grade

Zach Mcintosh - 9th Grade

Scott Meadows - 9th Grade

Emma Nace - 9th Grade; Pianist; Dancer

Emanuel Ortiz - 9th Grade

Sophia Pepe - 9th Grade; Rides Horses; Babysitter

Marissa Reidenberg - 9th Grade; Swimmer; Works

Baden Saathoff - 9th Grade; Cellist; Battle Bots Mentor; Plays Ultimate Frisbee

Nicholas Savva - 9th Grade; Avid Sleeper

Sakeri Starry - 9th Grade

Luke Summa - 9th Grade; Plays Magic the Gathering

James Burns - 10th Grade; Plays Ultimate Frisbee and Video Games

Luke Jeffrey - 10th Grade; Member of Kennett Marching Band; Plays Ultimate Frisbee

Rio King - 10th Grade; Runner; Member of Kennett Marching Band

Colin Parnell - 10th Grade; Battle Bots Mentor; Plays Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee

Alex Shuetz - 10th Grade; Climbs Trees; Contemplates Existence

Jacob Thompson - 10th Grade; Snowboarder; Plays Ultimate Frisbee

Matthew Appleby - 11th Grade

Rónán Gorman - 11th Grade; Swimmer; Runner; Plays Ultimate Frisbee

Nathan Judd - 11th Grade; Rock Climber; Minecraft Server Host

Luke Nall - 11th Grade; Plays Soccer, Tennis, and on a Minecraft Server

Ariatna Ortiz Jasso - 11th Grade; Musician; Artists; Member of Mock Trial

Jordan Reidenberg - 11th Grade; Artist; Volunteer; Works

Abisai Rodriguez Aguilar - 11th Grade; Member of Kennett Marching Band and Model UN

Jake Thomas - 11th Grade

Simon Comanda - 11th Grade; Reader; Plays Ultimate Frisbee; Member of Kennett Marching Band

Ellie Conlin-Day - 11th Grade; Member of Kennett Marching Band and Model UN; Plays Ultimate Frisbee

Adam Kondrad - 11th Grade; Plays Video Games; Watches Netflix

Liam Briening - 12th Grade; Eats Breakfast; Coder

Eliot Comanda - 12th Grade; Vice President; Plays Ultimate Frisbee

Victor Delarosa - 12th Grade; Eagle Scout; Altar Boy

Molly Hohner - 12th Grade; President; Violinist; Plays Tennis; Member of Society of Women Engineers

Connor Hollick - 12th Grade; Runner; Surfer

Olivia McLaurin - 12th Grade; Secretary; Runner; Member of Reading Olympics, Student Council, Kennett Marching Band, a Punk Rock Band, and NHS

Avery Chapman - 12th Grade; Drum Major; Member of Mock Trial; Plays 5 Instruments

Davis Piercy - 12th Grade; Runner; Plays Tennis

Jenny Zavala - 12th Grade


Mike Appleby - 2 Years

Nadine Arens - 2 Years

Wes Bowers - 3 Years - Family Promise Board Member; Sailor; President of Philly Dahlia Society

Toby Chu - 2 Years - Classified

Iliana DeLarosa - 1st Year

Dan Folmar, Lead Mentor / Teacher Advisor - 8 Years

Christina Gorman, Lead Mentor - 6 Years - Artist; Community Volunteer; Mom

Brian Lucas - 8 Years - Jack of All Trades

Alan Nall - 1st Year - Two time DR Parent; Number geek

Dom Perna, Lead Mentor - 7 Years - Boyfriend; Father; Brother

Chris Schuetz - 4 Years - Father; Technology Business Owner; Professional Juggler

Mike Stankiewicz - 3 Years

Ernie Wilson (Team Alum Class of 2016) - 3 Years - Gamer; Software Developer; Meteorology



Where 4342 Family has gone on to…


Where 4342 Family has gone on to…